Why Choose Kajabi?

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Why choose Kajabi?

Kajabi is an online platform that helps course creators, and membership leaders to manage, monetise and deliver their content. 

Kajabi has been around since 2010. It was originally designed to host online courses and memberships but since then it has evolved to meet the demands of online education.  Nowadays it also offers podcast hosting, email marketing, website hosting, free and paid downloads, payment integrations, communities, and the latest....AI!!


So....WHY choose Kajabi?

There are many online platforms available now to host your course or membership...so why do I recommend Kajabi?

1. All-in-One Platform:

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that gives you everything that you would need to create, market and sell your online programs. It can host your website, take payments, email marketing, host your podcast, host a community, house your coaching programs etc. It makes it SO EASY as it's all in one place.  Who wants mutiple log ins and systems and programs??  Not only would it cost so much more but there's more of a chance of broken links and missed sales.

2. Customisation:

I'm a website designer so I love the fact that you can design and build your website directly in Kajabi.  Kajabi even provides you will free templates to start off or you can find numerous templates HERE.  If you don't want to DIY your website then there are also numerous designers, including myself, who can help you. There is so much customisation available for websites in Kajabi - you can create something you'll be really proud of. 

3. Course and Membership Features:

Enhance the way you educate your clients or customers by using video, or audio, quizzes, assessments, course certificates, downloadable ebooks etc.  All of this is possible within the product features, giving you a very high level of quality to your program. And catering for many different learning styles and preferences. 

4. Marketing:

Email marketing, sales pages, sales funnels, waitlist funnels, hosting a webinar...these are all examples of how you can use Kajabi to promote your offers and attract more customers.  

5. Payments:

No need for external payment processing, create your checkouts and take payments directly through Kajabi. Easily link your log in, welcome emails, automations, thank you pages to the checkout so that it's a seamless process for your client or customer. You can also create coupons and use it for affiliate marketing too. 

6. Support:

I think this is one of the best things about Kajabi.  The Support!!  Not only do they offer 24/7 online support through the platform but there is a very active and support facebook group where you can also jump on and ask questions or share your wins! Also...I'm here to answer any questions you may have.  Don't hesitate to message me. 

7. Analytics and Insights:

Helping you to understand how your course or program is working.  This is so important as it provides you with valuable information to improve the quality of your programs and attract and help more people. 

8. User Experience:

Kajabi makes it so easy for your students to log in, access their library, view their courses.  There is also a Kajabi app that they can use to access your programs from anywhere. 

9. Education:

If you're brand new to online business don't worry.  Kajabi University is incredible!  Not only do they teach you step by step how to do everything on Kajabi, there is also loads of coaching and guest speakers and information about running a business, creating courses and supporting your clients. All of this is free as a Kajabi user. 

10. AI

I'm adding this as a bonus because I think it's incredible but...I also know that it's not for everyone. 

Kajabi AI Creator Hub! This is available to everyone and it will help you to create your lesson content, outline, structure, social media content, sales scripts, sales page copy....and so much more.  Pretty cool right?  

Are you convinced?

Now is an amazing time to try out KAJABI as you can get it FREE for 30 days using this link. So that means that you can try it out, build your course and get it all started for FREE!! I'm also offering a FREE 30min call if you'd like after you have signed up.  If you've got questions or need some help creating a plan on what to do first etc. I'm here to help.  So make sure you reach out to me once you've signed up if you'd like that. EMAIL ME HERE

If you're ready to get started CLICK HERE 

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Feb 05, 2024