What is Kajabi?

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What is Kajabi?

What is Kajabi and why might you need it?


Kajabi is an online platform that helps course creators, membership leaders to manage, monetise and deliver their content. 

Kajabi has been around since 2010. It was originally designed to host online courses and memberships but since then it has evolved to meet the demands of online education.  Nowadays it also offers podcast hosting, email marketing, website hosting, free and paid downloads, payment integrations, communities, and the latest....AI!!

 A Deeper Look at what Kajabi can do:


1. Online Courses

Building online courses is probably what drew you to Kajabi.  It's what it is most known for. You can build any length of course in your account and also build the sales funnel to sell that course.  Uploading video, lessons, workbooks etc are all possible within the course product. 

2. Memberships - 

Memberships are a popular way of nurturing your clients on a regular basis.  Building a membership model into your business can be very effective. Content can be delivered in a number of ways and housed in a private portal that is accessed by a log in.  This way your clients can consume the lessons in their own time but still get regular access to you. It's also a great way to deliver different topics in smaller doeses - which often appeals to busy members. 

3. Website - 

My favourite part! You can build your entire website, sales funnels, landing pages etc on Kajabi.  This keeps it all in one place and omits the need for Zapier or linking several different platforms. 

4. Blog - 

Use Kajabi to host your blog. A blog is a great way to provide free content to your audience and also reach more people and draw them to your offers and website. Again keeping it all in the same platform makes it so much easier. 

5. Podcast - 

Podcasts are a wonderful way to share your knowledge with a wider audience.  They have become extremely popular lately and a great way to grow your audience. Well you can now host your podcast within your Kajabi account and it will link directly to Apple podcast, Spotify, Google with ease. 

6. Email Marketing - 

Create your newsletter, sales emails, event emails....all within Kajabi.  Your database can be stored in your account and many different styles of emails sent.  This is great for those that are just starting out and don't want to try and learn a number of different platforms. 

7. Coaching - 

 Coaching on Kajabi provides you with a scheduling calendar and live video already built in to meet with your clients.  You can also record the calls and store them in a private portal for your clients to access. 

8. Community - 

 Kajabi community is like a Facebook group without Facebook.  More and more people are opting to get off social media platforms like Facebook and so Kajabi has created a way that this type of interaction is possible without the 'noise' of facebook. It's a great way of building connection and intereaction with your audience and members. 

9. Payments - 

Kajabi provides a simple way of collecting payments for your offers by integrating paypal and stripe to your account. That way you can have a checkout built directly on Kajabi and receive payments for your products. 

10. Mobile App - 

Your clients can access their courses, memberships etc via the Kajabi app which makes it very easy for them to consume your content from anywhere.  This is a wonderful feature as it's already built in for you!  No need to build your own app as Kajabi has you covered. 


So that's just a few of the main features of Kajabi.  There are more but I encourage you to take a look for yourself. 

Get my special offer of 30 Days FREE Trial HERE (14 days everywhere else) and see what you think.  If you have any questions just reach out.  



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