When to Launch Your Online Course - How big should your audience be?

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When to Launch Your Online Course  - How big should your audience be?

Launching an online course is an exciting venture that demands careful planning, including the consideration of your audience size. Determining the optimal time to unveil your course is crucial for maximising its impact and ensuring a successful launch. 

Let's explore the factors to consider when deciding how big your email list or audience should be before launching your online course.

  1. Quality Over Quantity:

While a substantial audience can undoubtedly enhance the reach of your online course, the quality of your audience is equally, if not more, important. A smaller, engaged audience that resonates with your content and offerings can yield better results than a larger, disengaged one. Before launching your course, focus on building a community that actively interacts with your content and expresses genuine interest.

  1. Understanding Your Conversion Rates:

Knowing your conversion rates is instrumental in gauging the readiness of your audience for an online course. If you have previously offered lead magnets, webinars, or other free resources, analyse the conversion rates to understand how many of your audience members are likely to convert into paying customers. A conversion rate of 1-5% is considered average, but this can vary based on factors like industry and audience engagement.

  1. Assessing Audience Engagement:

Evaluate the level of engagement within your audience. If you have a sizable email list but notice low open rates, minimal interaction on social media, or a lack of response to your content, it might be beneficial to focus on increasing engagement before launching your course. Engaged audiences are more likely to invest in your offerings and spread the word to others.

  1. Setting Realistic Revenue Goals:

Consider your revenue goals and whether your current audience size aligns with those objectives. Evaluate the potential earnings based on your expected conversion rates and the price of your online course. Setting realistic revenue goals will help you determine whether your existing audience can support the financial expectations of your course launch.

  1. Analysing Niche and Industry Standards:

Different niches and industries have varying standards for audience size before launching an online course. Some niches thrive with smaller, highly targeted audiences, while others may require a broader reach. Research industry standards and analyse successful launches within your niche to gain insights into the audience size needed for a successful course launch.

  1. Beta Testing:

Consider launching a beta round of your course with a smaller segment of your audience. This approach allows you to gather feedback, refine your course based on real user experiences, and create testimonials that can be leveraged for the full launch. Beta programs are especially beneficial for validating your course content and ensuring it meets the needs of your audience.

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how big your email list or audience should be before launching an online course, thoughtful consideration of audience quality, conversion rates, engagement levels, revenue goals, industry standards, and the potential for pilot programs can guide your decision-making process. Launching an online course is a significant undertaking, and aligning the timing with the readiness of your audience is key to a successful and impactful launch.

Focus on building meaningful connections, providing value, and nurturing your audience to ensure that when the time comes, they are not only ready but excited to enroll in your online course.

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