How to Use Script Fonts on Your Website

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Using Script Fonts on your webstie

Do you use a script font in your branding?

I personally love the look of a script font in branding, along with a header and body font. 

But sometimes using a script font can be challenging as it tends to be harder to read and you have to be strategic in how you use it!!

Here are some basic guidelines on using your script fonts on your website (or even in social media posts or graphics for marketing):


1. Don't Over Use it

Please don't use a script font for a paragraph or even a long sentence.  It's too much and makes it hard to read.  I know it can be tempting as you've chosen a beautiful font but it really should be used minimaly to be effective. 


2. Use it to Highlight Something Important

Using a script font as an accent is an excellent way of highlighting some text that you want to stand out.  It gives a different look and feel to CAPITALISING or bolding text and means that you are staying 'on-brand'.

3. Only Use ONE Script Font

Again it can be super tempting to use different script fonts as there are so many amazing ones!  But good branding practice is to choose one script font that goes well with your Header font and Body font and stick to it!! So when you are choosing this font make sure they all go well together AND that the script font is easily legible on a website platform and on social media (think smaller phone screens). 

4. Give it Space!!

Make sure that there is enough space around the words so that it's easier to read.  Also make sure that the letters are connecting (don't adjust the letter spacing). A script font should look like something that someone has handwritten - so the letters connect naturally. 

5. Don't Do ALL CAPITALS In Script Font

Script fonts tend to be harder to read than body or header fonts.  So font size is important but don't be tempted to capitalise your script font.  IF you want the word to stand out more then make the px larger or perhaps change the colour.  But don't capitalise it!  It just doesn't work...unless that's how the script font comes already.


There you have it! 

My 5 tips for using script fonts on your website or social posts.

Definitely don't be afraid to use one, they make a beautiful addtiion to your branding and graphics...but just keep in mind these tips and you'll be fine!! 


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