Thinking of Creating an Online Course?

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Three Things to do first when adding a Online Course're starting to see all these other online business owners adding 'online courses' to their offers???  OR you might be hearing the phrase 'passive income' thrown around??? 

But what does that mean for you?  

Adding an online course to your offers can be hugely beneficial, especially if you have a goal of helping more people but just don't have the capacity to offer more 1-1s. Online courses begain in the late 1800's (if you can believe it!) with Distance Education offering certificate and degrees and even high school diplomas. However we have seen a HUGE influx of online course creators in the last few years due to covid and so many entrepreneurs taking their businesses online.  Now we see courses being offered for all kinds of things....Sourdough Bread Making, Felt Crafts, Yoga, Money name it - it's probably been created!!  

You might be thinking that if it's so popular and so many people are already offering courses that there is no place for you....but don't dispair.  Online courses isn't going anywhere and there definitely is a place for you and your special offers!!

However....before you start designing and recording your first THREE things to do FIRST!!

1. Make sure that you have an online presence that is branded and professional.

  • Website - this is pretty much essential for any online business these days (any business actually). A website is like a business card - so make sure that you're updating it and all the links are working so that people can find you and see what you're all about.
  • Branding - so important to create a consistent look and feel of your business.  Branding starts with a logo, fonts, colours, but also extends to elements and copy that you are using.  
  • Content - having a content strategy is so important - how are you promoting your business online?  Do you use social media - instagram, facebook, linked in, pinterest??? Are you writing a blog? Do you have a youtube channel?  You certainly don't have to do all of these (please don't!) but choosing 2-3 strategies for marketing your business and nailing those by being consistent will take your business to the next level!!

2. Start by attracting people to your business before you start offering courses. 

This point refers to the 'content' point in number 1.  It's key to building an audience of 'raving fans' and eager clients. You are attracting potential clients before you even have the offer ready which means that you've got people to sell to AND are genuinely able to support those people with what they are needing.

3. Balance what you LOVE to do and what your customers/clients want from you.

This might sound like a strange one - you're already running a business and working with clients afterall. But have you taken the time to really feel into what you love to do in your business and what brings you joy?  Is it sharing your knowledge?  Is it educating others? Is it using video to communicate with others? What do you really love doing in your business? 

This is important because creating an online course takes alot of time and energy and can be costly to begin with.  So you definitely want to make sure that the actual 'tasks of building a course' are something that you will enjoy doing! There might be other ways to communicate and share with your customers/clients if this just isn't you!

Make sure you're doing the things that bring you joy.  Remember the reasons you started your business - what's your why?  And are you still on the right path?


I hope these tips have been helpful!  I can't wait to see what you decide to create.

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