5 Elements that make a GREAT Website

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5 Elements that make a great website

No marketing tool (in my opinion) is more important than a quality website, this is your businesses storefront!!

And a 'good' website isn’t quite enough to convert viewers into raving fans and clients!


What you need is a really great website. 


So what makes a REALLY GREAT website?  Here are 5 elements to start with:


1. Great Design and Functions Well

It is also important that the site functions well.  Meaning that there are no broken links, it's been proofread, the layout of each page is clear, and makes sense. Poorly constructed pages where the message is not clear can lead to frustrated viewers who may decide to look elsewhere. 


2. Easy to Use

This may sound like an obvious point but it's important to take into consideration. Viewers will make a decision within a few seconds of landing on your page if they want to keep looking.  So it's important that the navigation is clear and the layout consistent.

You want to keep the viewers on your page for as long as possible so functionality is key! 


3. Quality Content and Clear Calls to Action

Make sure that you're being clear and engaging in your copy - you may want to think about avoiding acronyms or words your audience may not know yet - especially if your 'ideal client' is someone 'new' your work. 

Like I said above, you have a few seconds to grab the viewers attention so make sure the language is relevant and up-to-date.  Using social media or blog posts are an excellent way to keep adding fresh content and keep your audience visiting your website. 

Clear 'calls to action' is so important too.  In fact it should be a point on it's own. 

Make sure that it's very easy for people to follow what you want them to do - for example, book a call with you or join your course.  Don't have too many different ones (CTAs) as it can get confusing.  Keep it to 1-2 on each page and plant them regularly throughout the page so that it's easy for your viewers to 'follow the bread crumbs'. 


4.Customised for Mobile

Nowadays people don't just use a desktop computer to view the world wide web! (am I showing my age here??) We're using laptops, mobile phones, ipads....so it's just as important to make sure that your site is looking and working well on all devices. 

With Kajabi it is super important to check the mobile view as it may need to be redesigned or special mobile features added to make sure that it looks correct. 


5. Found in Searches (SEO)

This final one is a biggie! SEO (search engine optimisation) -  it is what drives traffic to your website through organic search results.  In other words....how people find you and your site on the internet! 

Here are some basic tips:

  • Use keywords appropriately in content and links
  • Use page titles on every page and alt tags on every image
  • Optimize content on your site to align with words real people search for

Find out more about SEO and my quick tips for basic SEO on your site HERE


So as you can see there is more to creating a GREAT website that just how it looks!  Although that's the first aspect of a site that people consider.  If you are struggling with designing your site and don't know where to start then website templates might be a good place. 

There are so many pre-made templates and themes make creating a website easy (whether you DIY or hire someone to customise the templates)—if you want a simple solution to getting your website LIVE - this this is a great option.  Check out some amazing templates HERE.


If you're looking to STAND OUT and look DIFFERENT in today's competitive online space...

You need a webstie that is as UNIQUE as you are!! 

So it's time to work with a designer to create a bespoke website just for you! Check out my offers HERE


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